Wholesale Carrier Services

Extend Your Network and Connect with Your Customers

As the fifth largest cable company in Canada, Eastlink is well-positioned to be your wholesale partner. Connecting with us will allow you to extend your network and meet the most stringent customer requirements. Our carrier services are:

  • delivered over our own private, nation-wide network with local access to major markets
  • designed to meet industry standards and be MEF-compliant
  • monitored by our national Network Operations Centre


Carrier Ethernet Solutions

We provide Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity solutions including IP-VPN, EPL, EVPL and Ethernet over Cable to give you fast, scalable point-to-point and multi-point connections. Take a closer look at our Carrier Ethernet solutions.

Wavelength Services

If you need a Layer 1 DWDM point-to-point solution, we provide Wavelength Services over our local fibre network. Protected and diverse routes are available with flexible topologies offering single or multiple wavelengths.

Cable HFC Network

We leverage our fibre and coax network to extend our footprint. Our cable modem technology allows us to offer a low cost delivery solution including transit and last mile connectivity.


With years of experience providing dedicated carrier services, we understand the uniqueness of the wholesale business and the needs of your end user. Because of this, we have a dedicated team to manage our partnership with you, as well as the delivery of your end-to-end services:

  • Service Compatibility: We offer the full range of networking services offered by national and international carriers so you can seamlessly deliver your services over our network.
  • Guaranteed Availability: Our national 24/7 Network Operations Centre monitors your service to quickly identify and resolve issues, letting you keep your SLAs with your customers.
  • Industry-Standard Network: The Eastlink network is built to industry specifications, compatible for interconnection, and compliant with Metro Ethernet Forum standards so it will work seamlessly with your network.
  • Customer Service: Being focused on your requirements allows us to be responsive to your requests and ensure the delivery of your service is completed in a timely manner.






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To learn more about Eastlink Wholesale Carrier Services, contact our Carrier Services Team at carrier.requests@corp.eastlink.ca.