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Optimize your business communications with our range of innovative telephone solutions. Whether you have a single phone line or a multi-office network with hundreds of employees, we have a scalable, reliable phone solution to fit your needs—and your budget. From Centrex to PRI and SIP Trunking to a Unified Communications platform that allows you to migrate to the cloud, we’re sure you’ll find what you need with Eastlink.

Telephone Solutions

Business Lines: Our business line service is ideal for a small office that needs a few lines for voice and fax. Single and multi-line services include useful calling features to manage your calls, such as being able to forward your calls using the call forwarding feature.

Centrex: If you have several offices or a large employee base, our Centrex-managed solution will help you save on capital and maintenance costs. Scaling your network is no problem—just add new lines as your business grows and calling features such as call forward, caller display and conference calls.

PRI: If you operate your own enterprise phone network or PBX, benefit from reliable PRI-based trunk connectivity for your voice traffic. Our trunking solutions are scalable to meet your growing needs. Learn More

SIP Trunking: Combine your voice and data traffic onto one scalable trunk and replace your gateway with a QoS-enabled IP interface. Learn More

Unified Communications: The next evolution in business phone systems, Unified Communications lets you combine your desk phones, smartphones and computers into a single, seamless communications system. Learn More

Calling Features and Services

Long Distance and Toll Free: Enjoy competitive long distance and toll-free rates. You can keep your toll-free number when you switch to us.

Voicemail to Email: Never worry about missing another voicemail. Voicemail to Email forwards your voicemails to your email account as a wav file, so you can listen to your messages wherever you are and store important messages on your computer.

Protect Against Telephone Fraud

Voicemail Security: Your security is important to us. A voicemail PIN is a simple way to protect your voicemail messages and help protect your business against fraud.

Protecting against Toll Fraud: Did you know that toll fraud, or theft of long distance service by an unknown third party, is still part of a growing, illegal global trend? Hackers can access your phone service and make long distance, even international calls, through your phone system without your knowledge. You can take steps to mitigate your system’s vulnerability to this type of fraud, learn more: Toll Fraud – protect your system

What Our Customers Are Saying
Eastlink presented us with a quote that allowed us to save money. We reinvested some of the savings into a brand new voice over IP telephone system to connect our two golf courses. Read More
Gordie Smith, General Manager
Ashburn Golf & Country Club

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