Get More from Your Phone

Optimize your business communications with our wide range of telephone solutions. Whether you have a single phone line or a multi-office network with hundreds of employees, we have the solution that will fit your needs and your budget.

  • Convenience: Keep your existing number when you switch to us
  • Long distance: Save even more with competitive long distance and toll-free rates
  • Support: Get expert business and technical support for installations and troubleshooting
  • Bundles: Save even more by bundling your Business Telephone with your other services
  • Equipment: Upgrade your phone sets and take advantage of advanced features that enable efficient collaboration


Telephone Solutions

Keep your business connected—reliably and affordably

Business Lines: If you have a small office, you may just need a few business lines and a fax. Our single and multi-line services come with a full range of useful calling features so you can easily stay connected.

Managed Services: If you have several offices or a large employee base, our Centrex-managed solution will help you save on capital and maintenance costs. Scaling your network is no problem—just add new lines as your business grows.

Enterprise: If you operate your own enterprise phone network or PBX, benefit from reliable PRI-based trunk connectivity for your voice traffic. Our trunking solutions are scalable to meet your growing traffic needs.

Unified Communications: Combine your desk phone, mobile and computer into a seamless telephone system with Eastlink Unified Communications. This fully managed solution provides communication tools that allow employees and customers to meet, share desktops and collaborate as if they were in the same room.

Quick Reference Guides

User Guide East

User Guide Central

User Guide West

Toll Fraud — Protect Your System

Long Distance

Enjoy competitive long distance and toll-free rates to Canada and the USA any time of the day or week. It’s never been this easy to save.

Toll-Free: Keep your current toll-free number when you switch to Eastlink. Enjoy competitive rates and convenient management tools that allow you to control your call routing, redirection and more.

Easy-to-Understand Billing: Account code billing lets you track and control calls and manage charge-backs. Gain accountability and control over your company’s calling patterns.

Toll Fraud — Protect Your System

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to Email allows a customer to have their telephone voicemail messages directed to an email account via a WAV file,  enabling customers to:

  • Receive voicemail messages to their email as an audio attachment. Simply open the attachment and play the message.
  • Receive immediate email notification when they receive a new voicemail.
  • Save important voicemail messages on their computers by saving the WAV file.

Voicemail to Email is available to all customers with an Eastlink Voicemail service for just $2.95/ month.


Do my phone numbers change when I switch to Eastlink?
No, they do not. We use a process called Local Number Portability (LNP) that allows us to port your existing number over to our service without the need to change them.

Will my directory listings change?
Only if you request a change, otherwise it will appear exactly as it did before.

Can I continue to use my existing Telephone set(s)?
In most cases, your existing sets will be fine. However, if you have a Nortel Digital Set please contact an Eastlink Business Solutions Consultant to determine accessibility.

If my cable goes out do my phones go out as well?
No. Eastlink’s Cable services run on different channels than our Telephone services. So, an interruption in our Cable services does not mean that you would have an interruption in your Telephone service.

If the power goes out, will my phones still work?
Yes. All of Eastlink’s Telephone systems have back-up power to handle your phone’s power needs during a power-outage.

Who will provide service if I have a problem?
Eastlink’s own staff of highly-trained technicians will service all of your needs.

If I need service, do I have to call a call centre in Ontario or Quebec?
No. Our service call centre is located in Halifax.

Do I have to invest in additional equipment?
No, additional equipment is not needed to receive Eastlink Telephone service. We use your existing wiring and, in most cases, your existing telephone sets can be used.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract to enjoy the savings?
No, with most of our services we do not require term contracts.

Does Eastlink simply resell services from another phone company or is it a truly separate system?
Eastlink is a facilities-based company providing our services through our own state-of-the-art digital network.

Are additional features included, such as call waiting, 3-way calling, caller ID, etc.?
Yes. There are a wide range of calling features included with your local service. Please contact an Eastlink Business Solutions Consultant for more information.

How can Eastlink offer the same service at a lesser price?
As a facilities-based provider, we have built economies of scale by sharing our facilities with our residential Cable, Internet and Telephone customers. These system efficiencies allow us to pass the savings on to our business customers.

Will an Account Executive visit me at my business, do a needs-analysis and make recommendations on my current set-up?
Yes, this is what we do best. Eastlink Consultants are specially trained to evaluate the telecommunications requirements of your business and recommend products and service packages unique to your circumstances.

Do you provide training and programming on the phone systems?
Yes. Today’s sophisticated telecommunications solutions work best when your staff is properly trained in their day-to-day use and management. Eastlink delivers a complete set of customized training programs to help your business maximize the effectiveness of any system solution we provide.

I have a key system or a PBX. Can you provide trunks?
Yes, we can provide multi-line trunk as well as trunks through ISDN PRI and T1 services.

I am looking for voicemail documentation, where can I get this?
This can be found in either the Business Voicemail User Guide as well as our Home Office Voicemail User Guide.

How do I forward my phone to another number, disable call waiting, etc?
These items can all be found in the Voicemail User Guide in the use of our Centrex Calling Features.

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