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The greatest value comes from bundling your services.
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Choosing the right business services shouldn’t be hard. Picking the right business internet or phone services that aligns with your needs, ensuring you have complete WiFi coverage, allowing your team to share data plans when using mobile or being able to remotely check in on your business using your smartphone, this is all possible. Our business team is happy to work with you, understand your needs and recommend the best plans for your business. Why not take advantage of the free consultative service that we offer and ensure your business services are in alignment with what you need.

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Start with Internet
prices from $79.95*/mo


Internet Service
  • Great WiFi coverage
  • Ability to increase your bandwidth when needed
  • Increase your WiFi coverage/capabilities
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Phone Service
  • Start with your first phone line, add additional lines as needed
  • Include Fax to email to help you stay connected
  • Competitive Long Distance rates
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Additional Services Every Business Should Consider

Business Mobile

Mobile Service
  • Shareable data plans
  • Upgrade to the latest smartphone for $0 down
  • Supported by a local, dedicated team
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Smart Business Video Monitoring

Smart Business Video Monitoring Service
  • Remotely check in on your business from your smart phone
  • No upfront equipment costs to get started
  • Check in on multi store locations using one screen
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Smart Business Security

MobSmart Business Security Service
  • Control security system using smartphone
  • Easily arm/disarm
  • Receive alerts on specified activates
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Business TV

Business TV Service
  • Entertain your customers while they wait
  • Choose TV channels that align with your customers interests
  • Build package that matches your needs
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*Certain conditions apply. Prices vary by region. Taxes and professional installation ($99.00) are extra. Promotional offers are conditional upon the customers not being an Eastlink customer within the past six months and are tied with either a 12-month or 36-month term with early termination fees. Regular in-market prices will apply at the end of the term.

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