Service Continuity

Carry on with business as usual

At LinkBermuda, we understand that your business needs to be connected without any disruptions. Whether it’s by a system failure, a power outage, flooding, fire or a major disaster, such as a hurricane. That’s why we created Service Continuity—to provide a fully functioning workspace with voice and data services for your key employees when they can’t work from their own offices. 

  • Business continues: Despite a disruption, you can still carry on business as usual.
  • Reduce losses: A proactive strategy to combat possible disruptions keeps your revenue stream intact and your credibility unharmed.
  • Satisfy your clients: Informing your clients that you have Service Continuity lets them know that you value quality service and instils greater confidence in your business.
  • Maintain your customer focus: A managed service continuity solution means your employees can concentrate on your core business.