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Every business has a story to tell. Some start with a dream and a bit of courage, while others begin with an ambition to change the world. Eastlink Business is proud to be part of the story of small businesses everywhere and remains committed to providing the technology, value and support you need to take your business wherever your goals take you.

Here are some Eastlink Business customers who show how there’s nothing more inspiring than a small business with big ambitions.


CarbonCure Technologies

CarbonCure Technologies
When Bill Gates recognizes your company as a “game changer”, people take notice. CarbonCure Technologies received this great recognition through its founders’ desire to create sustainability technology for the concrete industry and find new ways to  reduce CO2 emissions when concrete is being used. Concrete is essential for the infrastructure we use in our day-to-day lives but it produces a significant amount of pollution. CarbonCure’s innovative technology injects captured carbon, which they call “snow”, into concrete. This process increases the strength of the concrete which reduces how much cement is needed in a concrete mix for a project, avoiding significant CO2 emissions as a result. The end product is low emissions concrete.

Based in Dartmouth, N.S., CarbonCure Technologies has captured international attention for developing technology that improves efficiency and reduces the carbon footprint of new construction projects. With breakthroughs like this, CarbonCure shows how a single business’ ambition and innovation can help the environment and fight climate change.


Compass Distillers
Located in the heart of Halifax, N.S., the Compass Distillers team prides itself in producing high quality, small batch spirits and bitters. Their authentic products are made entirely from scratch, meaning they don’t buy, repackage or resell anything they don’t make themselves. This takes more time, but it sets them apart from competitors and provides unique flavours and qualities that customers won’t find anywhere else.

A fixture of their vibrant community in north end Halifax, Compass Distillers understands the importance of supporting local communities and has developed direct ties with the farming industry where they purchase local grains. And while the spirits and bitters are made locally, they’re attracting a lot of attention from outside the province from spirit lovers everywhere. Compass Distillers’ growth is fueled by their commitment to delivering high quality products and proves there’s nothing a business can’t do when their ambitions align with their passion.


Fundy Textile

Fundy Textile
Tucked away in Truro, N.S., Fundy Textile has grown to become one of the largest screen printing and embroidery producers in Canada and attracts customers from all across North America.

Friedel Moser had an opportunity to purchase a screen printing machine and started a business with just one customer. The company’s philosophy that a small business based in rural Canada can reach customers far beyond their borders has allowed them to grow far beyond Moser’s modest beginnings. Fundy Textile now employs up to 100 people producing over 12,000 custom printed shirts, hats and a variety of other garments each day.

Providing the best customer experience possible while focusing on high-quality products is a priority in every part of the business. Love for their customers is in the business’ DNA and they believe the extra 2 to 4 minutes they invest in making sure a garment is as good as it can be will continue to keep customers coming back year over year. This extra TLC helps separate them from their competition and ensures many more years of growing a strong base of happy customers.


GeoSpectrum Technologies
GeoSpectrum Technologies is a world leader in underwater acoustics and pushes the boundaries of innovation in ocean technology. They design and manufacture products that allow everyone from scientists in the arctic to elite navies around the world to benefit from underwater communication applications. Their GeoSpectrum hydrophone, for example, is an underwater listening device that can help detect marine life or monitor for problems in underwater oil and gas operations.

Located in Dartmouth, N.S., the company started in 1994 when Bruce Armstrong decided to leave his day job and pursue his innovative side. He started GeoSpectrum in the basement of his home after convincing a good friend to come and work with him. The company started with 2 employees and now employs 100 people.

Together, they’ve built a company that provides important technology while creating an environment where teams enjoy their work. Being fun and innovative and exploring new paths has helped them to attract great talent and lead the way in a challenging industry.


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